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ESC & iPSC News 6.00, January 4, 2011.
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Mitochondrial Function Controls Proliferation and Early Differentiation Potential of Embryonic Stem Cells 
Results establish the importance of normal mitochondrial function in embryonic stem cell proliferation, regulating differentiation, and preventing the emergence of tumorigenic cells during the process of differentiation. [Stem Cells]


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CURRENT PUBLICATIONS (Ranked by Impact Factor of the Journal)

Regulated Expression of MicroRNAs-126/126* Inhibits Erythropoiesis from Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Results define an important function of microRNAs (miRs)-126/126* in negative regulation of erythropoiesis, providing the first evidence for a role of miR in hematopoietic differentiation of human embryonic stem cells. [Blood]
PRC2 Complexes with JARID2, and esPRC2p48 in ES Cells to Modulate ES Cell Pluripotency and Somatic Cell Reprogramming
The study identifies JARID2, MTF2 and esPRC2p48 as important regulatory subunits of PRC2 in embryonic stem (ES) cells and reveal critical functions of these subunits in modulating Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 (PRC2)’s activity and gene expression both in ES cells and during somatic cell reprogramming. [Stem Cells]

Pramel7 Mediates LIF/STAT3 Dependent Self-Renewal in Embryonic Stem Cells
Researchers identify Pramel7 (Preferentially expressed antigen in melanoma-like 7) as a novel factor crucial for maintenance of pluripotency and LIF-mediated self-renewal in embryonic stem cells. [Stem Cells]

A Fibrin Patch-Based Enhanced Delivery of Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Vascular Cell Transplantation in a Porcine Model of Postinfarction LV Remodeling
Findings demonstrate a promising therapeutic potential of using these human embryonic stem cell-derived vascular cell types and the mode of patch delivery. [Stem Cells]

An Endothelial Cell Niche Induces Hepatic Specification Through Dual Repression of Wnt and Notch Signaling
Using a mouse reporter embryonic stem cell line in which hCD4 and hCD25 were targeted to the Foxa2 and Foxa3 loci, researchers reconstituted an in vitro culture system in which committed endoderm cells co-expressing hCD4-Foxa2 and hCD25-Foxa3 were isolated, and co-cultured with endothelial cells in the presence of BMP4 and bFGF. [Stem Cells]

Influence of E-Cadherin-Mediated Cell Adhesion on Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Derivation from Isolated Blastomeres
Researchers establish an important role of E-cadherin-mediated adherens junctions in promoting both the division of single 1/8 blastomeres and the efficiency of the embryonic stem cell derivation process. [Stem Cell Rev]

Development of Feeder-Free Culture Systems for Generation of ckit+sca1+ Progenitors from Mouse iPS Cells
Researchers compared the efficiency of three different feeder-free cultures for differentiating mouse induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells into ckit+sca1+ hematopoietic progenitor cells and compared how differentiation and functionality varies between embryonic stem and iPS cells. [Stem Cell Rev]

Grafted Human Embryonic Progenitors Expressing Neurogenin-2 Stimulate Axonal Sprouting and Improve Motor Recovery After Severe Spinal Cord Injury
Researchers investigated functional and structural outcomes after grafting human embryonic neural progenitors in spinal cord-lesioned rats. [PLoS One]

PCL2 Modulates Gene Regulatory Networks Controlling Self-Renewal and Commitment in Embryonic Stem Cells
Researchers propose a model whereby alteration of the epigenetic state of Tbx3, Klf4, and Foxd3 results in the enforced expression of the pluripotency network, preventing differentiation. [Cell Cycle]



Advanced Cell Technology and The Roslin Institute Announce Agreement for Storage and Distribution of Embryonic Stem Cells Using ACT’s Blastomere Technology
Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. (ACT) announced that it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Roslin Cells LTD of Scotland, in which the two companies contemplate a definitive collaboration agreement in the near future. [Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. Press Release]

Transposagen and Cellular Dynamics International Cross-License Technologies for Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Transposagen Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. announced that it has entered into a non-exclusive license agreement with Cellular Dynamics International, the world’s largest producer of human induced pluripotent stem cell lines and tissue cells, for drug discovery and safety. [Transposagen Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. Press Release]

ReproCELL to Enter Collaborative R&D on Human iPS Cell Derived Hepatocytes
ReproCELL, Inc. announced that the company will enter a collaborative R&D agreement with the National Institute of Biomedical Innovation, which could offer new hepatocyte derived from human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells used for an effective in vitro drug screening for hepatic toxicity and liver metabolism. [PR Newswire]

Advanced Cell Technology Secures $25 Million Funding Commitment
Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. announced that it has entered into a $25 million non-convertible stock purchase agreement with Socius CG II, Ltd., a subsidiary of Socius Capital Group. [Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. Press Release]

Advanced Cell Technology Receives FDA Clearance for Clinical Trials Using Embryonic Stem Cells to Treat Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared the Company’s Investigational New Drug application to treat Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration using retinal pigment epithelial cells derived from human embryonic stem cells. [Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. Press Release]

Aldagen Announces FDA Clearance of IND to Begin Phase II Study in Ischemic Stroke with Regenerative Cell Therapy
Aldagen, Inc. announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared an Investigational New Drug (IND) application to conduct a clinical trial using Aldagen’s ALD-401, a unique stem cell population, for the treatment of stroke patients. [Market Wire]


NEW 7th Annual Swiss Stem Cell Network Meeting
February 4, 2011
Lausanne, Switzerland
NEW Latin American Course and Workshop on Embryonic Stem Cells
February 27-March 17, 2011
Cuernavaca, Mexico

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